At Puppinoo , We believe in the power of the relationship between the puppy and its owner.

  - Puppinoo was established by Amanda Steve for the sake of transferring her love for puppies into    Something tangible that can be shared with millions of people who have the same passion for puppies.


   -It all started 6 years ago when Amanda was playing in her garden and then she saw 3 children beating   a small puppy until it was injured so she ran and tried to save the small puppy and she succeeded in doing so and decided to take the puppy home and adopt it, She then started to discover her passion for dogs and how she wanted them all to live peacefully , then she decided to open an online store and decided that each order made 30% of it will be donated to dog shelters so that she can help all the dogs out there live peacefully.

     - Puppinoo’s aim is to spread fashion, tenderness and joy among puppies around the world, and to treat as much puppies as it can by all the available means, We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.